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Helps Prevent

A highly concentrated spot solution to help prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps and redness.

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Eases Discomfort

Target bumps and ingrown hairs with Bump eRaiser; the complete solution for soft, smooth and bump-free skin.

How does Bump eRaiser work?

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Once trapped under the skin, ingrown hairs cause inflammation which results in the formation of an irritated and often painful papule.

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Following the application of Bump eRaiser, hair is released and skin is free from painful red bumps leaving it smooth and fresh.

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Customers Say

Cameron Stevenson
I have suffered with horrible ingrown hairs for as long as I can remember. I have so many scars from previous ingrowns on my neck and beard. I recently tried your medipaste for the first time and I was so impressed and amazed at how quickly it healed and reduced the swelling and pain of a current ingrown. I will gladly support and promote this incredible product with my friends and family. Thank you so much!!! Sincerely, C.S
I love this stuff. I think I’m on my fourth or fifth tube, in saying that the tube last forever! I think I only have to repurchase every year or so. Great antibacterial properties with the tea tree and helps with exfoliating the skin. This combo is just magic against ingrown hairs and I literally will get none if I am consistent with using this after waxing. I use this on bikini line, underarms and even face if I need too. It’s a great all around healing cream too.
Emily C
I had very bad ingrown hairs that were so painful and created wounds with how bad they got. This paste saved me from so much pain. I was so greatful I purchased it. The tube is very small but worth it!! You only have to use a small amount in the effected area for it to work and it worked over night to relive my pain. But I applied it daily to the area to get better results.

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