How Does Bump eRaiser Work?

A wholesome and complete solution for all your post hair removal woes.  The Bump eRaiser range has been specially designed to help prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, redness and bumps. It gives you smooth and healthy looking skin following any form of hair removal. Each product is scientifically formulated and contains an advanced combination of ingredients for a complete, effective solution. Thanks to Bump eRaiser, there is no need for your skin to suffer any longer.

What are Ingrowns? Why do they Occur?

Ingrown hairs are a common condition that can be the result of all types of hair removal. They occur when the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin. Often, ingrown hairs can cause inflammation of the hair follicle. Ingrown hairs are caused when dead skin cells accumulate and form a papule as the skin heals. Hair growing in the area gets trapped under the papule and is prevented from exiting the skin. If left untreated, ingrown hairs can result in pain, itching, tenderness and in some cases, infection and permanent scarring.

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