Shaving Rash Treatment

freedom from shaving rash and bumps for women

Anyone who has ever shaved is well aware of the itchiness and discomfort shaving rash can cause. Women tend to suffer the most on their legs, underarms and bikini line. It can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and most of the time, ends up being hidden behind layers of clothes.

The good news is that there is a shaving rash treatment, and you no longer have to hide those bumpy pins away!

bump eraiser
Shaving Rash Treatment 1

a shaving rash treatment that eliminates ingrowns

Bump eRaiser Concentrated Serum is a highly concentrated treatment designed to eliminate ingrown hairs, shaving rash and pimples.

Use Bump eRaiser Concentrated Serum straight after hair removal to avoid ingrown hairs. It’s also ideal to use 2 weeks after waxing or shaving to soothe the itchy feeling you often get when the hairs start to grow back.

Bump eRaiser Concentrated Serum will help ensure you avoid annoying shaving rash all together!

razor rash solution designed specifically for men

With men these days putting in a lot of effort into how they appear the last thing anyone wants is razor rash. Men are extremely prone to ingrown hairs and razor rash due to the coarseness of their hairs, particularly facial hair.

Bump eRaiser Cool Splash has been designed for men to use as an aftershave to treat shaving rash as well as combat ingrown hairs. It contains natural fruit acids and chamomile to cool and sooth irritated skin. Simply Splash the treatment on to the face, neck and chest area post shaving, and enjoy your new smooth jaw line!

Shaving Rash Treatment 2

how does bump eraiser work?​

Shaving Rash Treatment 3


Trapped, ingrown hairs cause inflammation which results in the formation of an irritation papule.

Shaving Rash Treatment 4


Following the application of Bump eRaiser, hair is released and skin is free from bumps.