Bikini Rash Treatment

flaunt your flawless bikini line this summer

There is nothing worse than finding the perfect bathing suit, waxing your bikini line and then breaking out in red bumps and ingrown hairs! What a way to spoil a perfect summer’s day!
Having a red spotty rash on your bikini line is just about as desirable as having hair poking through your bikini bottoms. If only there was some kind of bikini rash cream or treatment that would get rid of those bumps… Oh wait, there is! The Bump eRaiser range is the perfect solution to combat your bumpy bikini rash this summer!

bump eraiser

the perfect bikini rash treatment

The solution is simple, use Bump eRaiser Medi Paste and target your ingrown hairs by applying the paste twice a day to see them disappear rapidly. In conjunction with this, use the Bump eRaiser Exfoliating Mitt daily to help massage away dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Regular use prevents hairs from getting trapped under accumulated dead skin cells, reducing the chance of ingrown hairs forming.
Ensure your bikini line is smooth and bump free this summer!