Top 5 tips for smooth skin with bump eraiser

bump eraiser

These days there are plenty of ingrown hair creams and treatments that claim they will keep your skin bump free, however the proof really is in the pudding! Here are Bump eRaiser founder Lilliane Caron’s top 5 tips for smooth skin.

  1. Exfoliate daily! The removal of dead skin cells will aid the prevention of ingrown hairs as there will be less chance of the hair getting trapped under the skin. Try Bump eRaiser Exfoliating Mitt, It’s a must have for every shower! Made from Italian fabric, the unique blend of fibres massage away dead skin cells, improve circulation and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.
  1. Do not touch! If the hair cannot easily be lifted with a pair of clean tweezers (without breaking the skin), leave it alone!
  1. Find the right product for your particular concern. If you’re a stickler for routine buy an ingrown hair cream, lotion or serum that will help in the prevention and elimination of ingrown hairs. Try Bump eRaiser Concentrated Serum – it’s in a spray bottle so is ideal for treating large areas like arms, legs, chest and back. If you’re someone who forgets to use a product daily, go for a treatment only product designed to be used once an ingrown appears. Bump eRaiser Medi Paste is a highly concentrated spot treatment to treat the ingrown once it has appeared. It’s the most popular product in the Bump eRaiser range!
  1. Don’t be fooled by price. There are a number of ingrown hair creams and lotions on the market and here’s a little secret, the most expensive treatments are not always the best! Always look for product reviews and testimonials and if possible ask for a sample first. Each product within the Bump eRaiser range retails for $19.95. It’s a small price to pay for bump free skin!
  1. Other ailments! If you’re also suffering from other bumps, pustules and pimples Bump eRaiser Medi Paste can aid these concerns too as it actively reduces redness and swelling and prevents infection. Bump eRaiser Triple Action Lotion even works to retard hair growth and reduce the discomfort of waxing! Multi-purpose all-rounders, a must for every bathroom cabinet!